Initial meeting minutes

Meeting Minutes:
Spet 29 2011

"This is just a quick note i will summarize all of these once we decide where we want this information "
1. Sushil Pandey
2. Anup Poudyal
3. Ann-Marie Ekblom
4. Fredrik Rantala
5. Mikael Sand
6. Josef GullStröm

Meeting Notes:
-Reviewed initial draft of the OpenDemocracy document by the team.
-Team talked about looking into the available funds investment for the project.

Background of members
Sushil: databases

Fredrik: testing, more on functional testing of systems, customer support liason for big and small companies, have experience on legal trade

Mikael: worked on IT Company, owned company, worked as developer and PM

Josef: web development, php developer and designer , android developer

Ann-Marie: project management, marketing and sales, expert at communication and relations. Designer and Has worked on thesis on social aspects of information technologies.

External ppl are also involved, expertise like lawyers, designers, marketing

Divided roles among ourselves
Sushil - Databases,
Fredrik - Communications
Mikael - PM and other logistics
Josef - Developer
Anup - Developer

Action Items:
Prepare power point for initial presentation: Mikael and Josef
Research On possible fundings: Ann and Fredrik

Contacts :
Sushil : 0405477443
Anup : 0449944680
Ann : 0445722374
Fredrik: 0408250221
Mikael: 0400120795
Josef: 0408224748

#opendemocracy, will use IRC at

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